A women's sphere for five generations!

The story of De Zwaan begins around 1830. The ladies Maeijer, still known as 'De Truikes', began their Hotel Café Restaurant in the heart of Son. After that, Nolda Coolen waved the scepter, followed by Anneke van der Aa, Annie van der Loo (and her Wim) and now Odette Leermakers-van der Loo. 

In 1897, De Zwaan also became a tram station. When a ride from Veghel to Eindhoven was still another world trip, De Zwaan served as a welcome rest on an exhausting journey. Today, much has changed, but what has remained is the warm venue in the heart of Son.

At De Zwaan you can feel the rich history. The ambiance and atmosphere has matured over the years. Everything breathes history. Many cafés or restaurants try too hard to look authentic. This is not the case with De Zwaan, because everything is authentic.